25 April 2017
Big Data and connected devices enable us to detect risks, prevent incidents and intervene faster when something happens. Here’s how it works.
20 April 2017
Huawei is building a long-term relationship with industry partners and public authorities in Portugal, investing in innovation and digital transformation locally.
11 April 2017
Europe is progressing towards a true partnership between business and education, with the aim of introducing all pupils to entrepreneurship before they leave school.
4 April 2017
As businesses across all sectors are smartening up, demand for e-skills has risen sharply. But there’s much more to this changing job market than ICT expertise
27 March 2017
Huawei Spain was certified as a Top Employer in the country in 2017 and as a benchmark for other companies to follow.
21 March 2017
Right now, teams of researchers across Europe are running large-scale trials on technology and networks that, once deployed, will take connectivity to a whole new level.