High-Level Seminar: Chinese Reform and Its Impact on the EU and the World

Bruges, Bruges, Belgium, 1-2 Apr 2014


On the occasion of Chinese President Xi’s visit to Bruges, a high-level seminar looked at EU-China relations in a reform-driven environment.

Huawei teamed up with the College of Europe, the China Institute for Reform and Development, China Daily and the Kam Yuen Supermarket for the organisation of this event that brought together high-level officials, top policy advisors, and well-known scholars.

During the seminar, deepening reforms in China and the potential impact on EU-China relations and the world at large were discussed .

A key focus was placed on innovation in this context. Tony Graziano, Vice-President of Huawei’s Brussels office, participated in a panel discussing the links between growth, sustainability and innovation.

Other speakers included:

  • Mr Pascal Lamy, Honorary President of Notre Europe and former Director-General of the WTO
  • Mr Jan Truszczyński, Director General for Education and Culture, European Commission
  • Dr Cao Yuanzheng, Deputy Executive President and Chief Economist of the Bank of China
  • Prof. Chen Yulu, President of Renmin University of China  and Member of the Monetary Policy Committee at the People’s Bank of China
  • Prof. Chi Fulin, President of the China Institute for Reform and Development(CIRD) and Member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

The high-level seminar was organised against the backdrop of the negotiations for an EU-China investment agreement in Beijing (21-23 January 2014) and the launch of the High-Level Dialogue on Innovation Cooperation in November 2013.