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Stairway to a career in ICT

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Maria Dolores Ardura

María Dolores Ardura

María Dolores Ardura

ICT student María Dolores Ardura describes how participating in Huawei’s Seeds for the Future scholarship programme opened her mind to how she can become a successful professional and contribute to the future and wellbeing of society.

As students, our daily life sometimes feels like a big stairway, similar to the view you get as you begin to climb the Great Wall in Beijing. It requires effort and gets tiring sometimes. However, once you reach a certain height, you experience one of the most breath-taking views I can think of. There is still a long way to go, but the views are a motivation to keep going.

This image comes to my mind when I think about our participation in Huawei’s “Seeds for the Future” programme. Having the chance to visit and get a glimpse of Chinese culture, and how a leading ICT company like Huawei works, has been a big motivation for us to continue with our education, leave our comfort zones and explore new things.

Coming into contact with a culture that is so different from the European one, has made us realise that there are many nuances that escape us, but that, as we tend to an increasingly global environment, we must learn to appreciate them.

The importance of teamwork

In a world where technology facilitates globalisation, where borders are becoming less stringent, it is important that we learn how to work as a team with people that bring other perspectives, different from ours. The “Seeds for the Future” programme has been very valuable in this sense. We were immersed in an international environment with other students from completely different backgrounds, but who shared similar passions and goals.

We have also been able to observe the latest trends in different technological fields and meet professionals leading their fields. As future ICT professionals, this has been very interesting. First, because in our daily routine we do not get such a clear vision of the reality and, secondly, because we hope to be in that position one day, pursuing global change through technology that makes a difference.

Getting such a precise vision of the future at the hands of professionals in a leading company like Huawei, in an international atmosphere where different ideas and cultures meet, opened and enriched our minds. I believe it made us realise where we are heading in the future and where we want to go; our fears and our dreams, not only us as professionals, but also as a global society. Technology is already affecting, and will increasingly continue to affect, every field. We need experts in the future who will ensure that this positively impacts everyone’s lives.

The experts the future needs

I cannot conclude without mentioning the name of the programme, “Seeds for the Future”. Huawei’s programme has been a professional, but also a personal, growth experience that I believe has opened our minds to our future, where we will be able to contribute to the future of our societies.

I think I speak for all of us when I say I could not be any more grateful for having had this opportunity. Thank you for all the new knowledge, perspectives and breath-taking views you have given us. Thank you for motivating and driving us in our pursuit of making a difference through technology. We will put our efforts in giving back everything we have received in our future work, so that we can make this world a little better and become not the seeds, but the experts the future needs.