Is AI an education gamechanger? | Discover Artificial Intelligence with Angeliki Dedopoulou

Summary Transcript

In what ways will both pupils and teachers benefit from AI in schools?

How can they learn the digital skills needed by future workforces?

Join Angeliki Dedopoulou in the latest episode of her series on Artificial Intelligence to find out.

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Hello, everyone. My name is Angeliki Dedopoulou, and in today's episode we'll see how AI is having a huge impact on education and learning.

Firstly, AI has the potential to transform how our education systems operate, and the ability to empower teachers and students of all abilities. Secondly, the kinds of skills we need to learn in this new digitally enabled world: while the number of AI experts is estimated to be doubling annually, the basic knowledge needed for work in this area requires advanced levels of scientific, mathematical and technical skills that are not easy to acquire.

Working in a digitally transformed world requires that the workforce needs to adapt, education and learning systems need to change, and at the same time, a major investment in the re-skilling of citizens is needed. European initiatives such as the Digital Skills and Job Coalition and the Digital Opportunity Scheme are aimed at helping breach the gap. But how can artificial intelligence be deployed in education?

Artificial intelligence can drive efficiency and personalise and streamline admin tasks to allow teachers to spend more time with their students. AI can assist in adjusting learning based on individual needs, allowing for differentiation that is now practically impossible for teachers. We have to manage large groups for students in each class. Artificial intelligence can help make global classrooms available for all, including those who might have visual or hearing impairments.

AI has proven to be capable of assessing written answers to tests, and this would allow teachers to spend more time with their students. Tutoring and studying programmes will be available on a large scale, helping students achieve their goals at more accessible costs. Establishing ICT academies around the world, bringing the latest digital technologies to all parts of the world and cultivating local talent to equip them with the right skills they will need in the digital era is the strategy Huawei’s following. Letting artificial intelligence unfold in education will bring major positive outcomes for a better educated world. AI is for sure one of the most impressive game changers of the century.