Learning digital skills through AI | Discover Artificial Intelligence with Angeliki Dedopoulou

Summary Transcript

How can AI help Europeans acquire the required digital skills?

And what is the European Union doing to help equip the workforce of the future?

Join Angeliki Dedopoulou in the latest episode of her series on Artificial Intelligence to find out.

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Hello. My name is Angeliki Dedopoulou, and in today's episode, we will talk about digital skills and AI.

In its white paper on artificial intelligence, the European Commission stresses that the European approach to AI will focus strongly on skills development to avoid digital skill shortages.

The European Commission set out a reinforcement of the skills agenda to ensure Europeans can benefit from the digital transformation. An updated version of the Digital Education Action Plan will be released soon to help make better use of data and AI-based technologies. Like, for example, learning and predictive analytics to reinforce education systems and make them suitable from a digital point of view. The plan will promote awareness around AI at all levels of education to prepare citizens for informed decisions that will be affected by artificial intelligence. The white paper on artificial intelligence clearly states the priority for the new coordinated plan on AI will be developing skills necessary to work in AI and upscaling the workforce for the AI-led transformation.

It is important to build trust in AI through awareness and promotion of digital skills and in AI knowledge by incorporating new ways to learn AI and ICT in primary and higher education. At the same time, it is very important to provide EU-wide free data statistics and AI courses for all, both for adults and children. There is a need for an inclusive lifelong learning-based and innovation-driven approach to AI in education and training to help people transition between jobs seamlessly. By increasing cooperation and coordination between the public and private sector and allowing the workforce to switch between different careers and sectors, the flexibility and resilience of the workforce will be strengthened.

Huawei is establishing ICT academies around the world and bridging the latest digital technology to all parts of the world and cultivating local talents to equip them with the skills they will need in the digital era.

It is clear that AI will bring upon considerable changes in our societies. Let us be prepared to accommodate them and employ new technologies with confidence.