Tackling deforestation with AI Discover Artificial Intelligence with Angeliki Dedopoulou

Summary Transcript

How is AI being used to counter deforestation, climate change and biodiversity decline? And what impact will this have on the world’s indigenous peoples? Join Angeliki Dedopoulou in the final episode of her series on Artificial Intelligence to find out.

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Hello, my name is Angeliki Dedopoulou, and today we’ll talk about the potential of artificial intelligence in the forestry sector.

Agriculture, heavy industries, and mining are examples of the main causes of deforestation globally, with agriculture being the primary cause. It’s at risk of continuing to increase greenhouse gas and, therefore, climate change.

According to the Commission’s communication on Stepping up EU Action to Protect and Restore the World’s Forests from 2019, deforestation is also a major cause of biodiversity decline and can also have a dramatic impact on the livelihoods of the most valuable people, including indigenous people who rely heavily on forest ecosystems.

As stated in the Green Deal, we need to improve the EU forested areas both in quality and quantity in order to help absorb carbon emissions, improve resilience, and promote circular bioeconomy. Connected technologies enable farmers to efficiently plan and execute agricultural operations, achieving the efficiencies that will lead to a reduction in the demand in land. AI-powered solutions are implemented to monitor forest scale preventing logging and preventing animal poaching.

There are challenges, including a fragmented agricultural market, lack of connecting services, high capital investment for some infrastructures and data management by those who traditionally have been in a manual industry.

To increase the use of AI to protect forests, a regulated environment that allows connected technologies to help is strongly needed. Despite the challenges ahead, artificial intelligence is already playing a key role in helping forest management and fighting deforestation.

With AI, it is possible to increase the number of forests and make the world greener. It is time to do everything in our capacities to ensure thriving forests all over the planet.